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If you like variety in your classes, our accounting courses will expose you to a wide spectrum of financial concepts and business practices – from a small lawn care business to a high technology manufacturing concern.

The classroom format for accounting classes are both traditional in-person classes and hybrid classes. For more information about hybrid classes (part of the class is online) see the California Community Colleges web page titled Introduction to Online Learning.

ACCT 101 C – Financial Accounting

In this class you will learn to develop and interpret the financial information required by investors and creditors of a corporation. It is a required course for all Business Administration majors.

  • Mathematics Prerequisite: MATH 038 C or MATH 040 C or MATH 041 C with minimum grades of “C.”

ACCT 102 C – Managerial Accounting

In this course you will develop the skills needed to provide management with the information required for operating and corporate decision making.

ACCT 103C – Computerized Accounting

This course introduces students to using a small business computerized accounting system. It is required when you are transferring Financial Accounting (ACCT 101C) to California State University Fullerton.

ACCT 190C – Accounting Systems Design and Applications

In this class you will explore different kinds of accounting systems.  Both manual  and computerized systems are introduced. You will also design your own system.

ACCT 201C – Intermediate Accounting

This course refines and enhances the skills you learned in Accounting 101 for more complex situations.

ACCT 202C – Cost Accounting

In this course you will refine your skills learned in Accounting 102. You will be exposed to developing budgets and preparing cost analyses.

ACCT 204 – Accounting for Governmental and Not-For-Profit Entities

In this class you will learn how cities, counties, school districts, health care agencies, etc., develop their budgets and the accounting for their financial activities.

ACCT 011C – Payroll Accounting

This area of accounting, triggered by new laws and court cases, becomes more complex each year. After completing the class you should have a practical working knowlege of the payroll process.

ACCT 099C – Bookkeeping Principles and Practices

This is a basic course in financial recordkeeping using the double-entry accounting system. It can provide you with the basic bookkeeping skills for work or give you a good background in an accounting system before you take Accounting 101 – Financial Accounting.

Class Offerings

ACCT 101 and 102 are offered every semester, including Summer. The other courses are offered during different semesters throughout the school year.

Check the current class schedule for course availability.

Helpful Links

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