Program Courses, Requirements, & Certification


The Computer/Digital Forensics certificate program consists of six courses totaling 18 units, all of which include in-class and/or on-line (hybrid) lectures as well as lab time, and hands-on training. A new state-of-the-art computer lab was recently built with computer/digital forensics in mind. Everything from device tear-down, to imaging and analysis, report-writing and courtroom testimony is covered, all by experienced instructors and industry practitioners utilizing best-practices. Students who successfully complete the following required courses are eligible for applying for certification in Computer/Digital Forensics:

  1. CIS 276 C – Computer Forensics I
  2. CIS 277 C – Computer Forensics II
  3. CIS 278 C – Cyber Crime
  4. CIS 279 C – Computer Forensics Legal Aspects
  5. CIS 280 C – Analysis of Digital Media
  6. CIS 281 C – Computer Forensics Capstone


To obtain computer/digital forensics certification, students must complete all coursework with a minimum grade of “C”. Class offerings are based on registrations (first come first serve) and are typically offered each semester.

Certification will take roughly two years to complete. Computer Forensics I must be taken first as this course establishes the foundation for computer forensics, followed by Computer Forensics II. The remainder of the courses can be taken based on offerings.

The final course is Capstone where an overview of computer/digital forensics is conducted to include professional affiliations and job placement requirements and opportunities. Students will also be assigned a case to work from start to finish, to include writing a comprehensive forensic report and preparing evidence media. Capstone will finish out with students going through a mock trial where they will testify as to their findings before experienced, working attorneys specializing in computer/digital forensics.


Obtaining a Cypress College certificate prepares students to obtain the professional certification necessary to gain employment or advance in their careers. Certification is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students and the working professionals.

The certificate is a Cypress College issued certificate showing students have completed all of the program coursework with passing grades. Certification is applied for following the completion of the final class – Capstone.