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Guest Speakers from CENIC

Stanley Han, Network Operations Manager; Ron Esteban, Lead Network Engineer of Operations and Nick Plunkett, Network Engineer of Internet Services at CENIC were the guest speakers for the Ethical Hacking (CIS 196) and Cisco Networking 4 (CIS 233) classes on Monday April 2nd. CENIC operates the California Research and Education Network (CalREN), a high-capacity network designed to meet the unique requirements of over 20 million users, including the vast majority of K-20 students together with educators, researchers and individuals at other vital public-serving institutions. Nick shared his journey from being a Cypress College student just starting an Internship with CENIC to an established network engineer. Stan and Ron gave an overview of CENIC operations and internship opportunities. The speakers also responded to questions.

Guest Speaker Raymond Kdeiss

Raymond Kdeiss is the cybersecurity Architect and lead UNIX Systems Engineer for Northrop Grumman. He shared how he developed his 30-years of career in IT and what are the current industry requirements for employment. His talk was followed by a question-answer session.

Guest Speaker Ofer Amrami

Ofer Amrami, head of information security at James Hardie Industries was the guest speaker in the Cisco 3 class on Wednesday, March 21. He shared his journey from starting as an IT technician to the top IT security position at an international company with students. Ofer has over 18 years of experience in IT and information security.

James Hardie Industries is a multinational company that specializes in fiber cement products. James Hardie manufactures and develops technologies, materials, and processes for the production of building materials.

Guest Speaker Frank Enos

Frank Enos is the owner of Uptime Computer Services and the invited speaker in the Cypress College CIS 195 (Network Security) class on Thursday, March 22. Frank has more than 30 years of experience in information technology and is one of our long-time industry internship partners. He spoke about emerging technologies within the cybersecurity field and related opportunities.