Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is a cool career with many avenues for specialization within the industry. This two-year program is designed to equip you with the basic skills for industry entry-level positions in service, design, controls application, sales and more.

A high paying career with unlimited opportunities!

The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration industry provides essential technology services for the control of environments ranging from the comfort of people to the storage of essential products to the process of manufacturing goods used in everyday life.

A career in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration offers a variety of industry paths leading to greater job security and mobility of skills. With the Cypress College educational experience, you can enter this industry in areas of applied engineering, sales, estimating and design, service repair, construction, building automation and manufacturing. These industry job opportunities are rapidly expanding to accommodate the age of digital technologies interfacing with electromechanical and pneumatic technologies already in extensive use.

Government labor statistics and industry leaders project sustained growth of jobs in this industry for many years to come. Job growth is so strong that a shortage exists for qualified, knowledgeable people.

Teaching Philosophy

Each staff member of the Cypress College Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Department believes that the time you spend earning a Certificate or Associates in Science Degree may be your last formal educational experience. We believe that this time spent must be foundational in principles of the operation of the refrigeration cycle with hands-on experience with controls and air systems. You are not divided into mechanics or designers because every good service technician and every good system designer and good engineer must apply the same basic knowledge!


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