Fine Arts Division Information

Study Fine Arts & Explore The Creative Process

The academic departments and programs in the Fine Arts Division are designed to encourage students to explore the creative possibilities and gain understanding of the process in creating art in an environment that challenges the intellect and the imagination. The Fine Arts Division at Cypress College cultivates relationships with the total community.

Develop Your Talent

Our programs are tailored for college students of all backgrounds and ages, including those wishing to re-enter the educational process. Our mission is to help students develop their talents and interests so that they can transfer to colleges or universities or obtain employment. We are committed to educate students in art, art computer graphics, dance, journalism, multimedia, music, photography, and theater.

Art Gallery

Cypress College Art Gallery (CCAG) presents both professional and student exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and visiting artists’ projects. CCAG is located in the gateway area of the Cypress College campus. CCAG is closest to Valley View Street, which is accessible from the 405, 91, and 5 Freeways. Park in Lot 1 in the designated visitor’s area, and remember to purchase a parking pass.

Gallery Hours: Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and by appointment.

Visit the CCAG Facebook page for current exhibition information.

Patrons of the Arts

The Cypress College Patrons of the Arts is a nonprofit organization founded in 1975, and is a committee of the Cypress College Foundation, dedicated to providing scholarships to talented students in the Fine Arts fields including:

  • Art
  • Media Arts Design (MAD)
  • Dance
  • Journalism
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Theater


Theater and Dance performances are scheduled throughout the semester. General admission is $15; cost of admission is $12 for children, seniors, and students with their student ID. The Box Office can be reached at (714) 484-7200. Tickets can be purchased here.