Music Programs

Applied Music

For the student seeking individual instruction on piano, voice, guitar or any standard band or orchestra instrument. A performance at Faculty Juries is required each semester. Vocal and instrumental students are required to concurrently enroll in a vocal or instrumental performing ensemble. Guitarists and pianists should consult with faculty for an appropriate concurrent course.

Auditions for the Applied Music Program are held on the first Friday of each semester in FA-304.

Electronic Music and Recording Arts

The Electronic Music and Recording Arts program at Cypress College was established to create an environment that provides professional training for the aspiring engineer/composer/producer.  Courses offered  are designed to take students through a path that will introduce the creative aspect of music making, while incorporating hands-on training with the latest available hardware, software, and plug-ins.

The goal of the program is to introduce the musician to technology and the technologist to music, producing a  well-informed student who can succeed in an ever-changing field.