Dental Assisting Program Costs

Please be prepared to meet the following estimated expense that will be incurred before the program begins and during. Download the program cost list here.

General Information Entrance Costs

Description Approximate Cost
Tuition $1,472
Lab Fees includes all classes $363
Parking Permit-per semester $35 $70
Textbooks for entire program $610

Additional Expenses and Information

Description Approximate Cost
Purchase Blue and Green Teeth $45
Patient radiology fee for 4 patients paid the first semester (4 x $25) $100
Safety Glasses (2) $6-10
Student membership American Dental Assistant Association (ADAA). This includes your student liability insurance for $10 optional. $45


CPR Card (paid at time CPR is taken) $55
Clinical Attire-3-4 sets ($30/set)
With White Socks
Clinical rubber-soled white shoes $50
Required-Hepatitis Vaccine and physical (may be covered by medical insurance or available at Student Health Services By Appointment) $180
3 pairs Rubber Utility Gloves $10-15

Additional Materials to Help You Through the Program (Approximately $50-$100)

Pocket organizer with appointment calendar
Large 3-ring binder with index dividers for clinical handouts, grading and charting criteria for reference during clinical.
2-inch binder with dividers ( for externship paper)
Plain wristwatch with second hand. Timex nurse’s watch is adequate.
1 box of 45 gal clear trash bags
Plastic clipboard with surface that allows for cleaning
Plastic Container 16½ x 13 x 6¾ inch (for storage of all items) (No bigger)
Hole punch
1 box of paper clips
Pencils and Pens
1 red and blue pencil (Good quality)
Small stapler
1 can of air spray (electronics type)
1 box of Ziploc bags—sandwich size
Egg of Silly Putty
Modeling Clay (3 colors; not play-dough)

Personal Items to Have On-Hand

Feminine hygiene items
Hand lotion
Nail kit
Hair Bands/clips

Licensure and Certification Fees After Graduation

Upon Completion of your program you are eligible to take the State and National Exams these are the approximate costs. Costs are subject to change at anytime.

Description Approximate Cost
(State) RDA Registration Application $120
RDA Written Exam $38.50
(National) CDA-Certified Dental Assistant Exam $380