DMS Program Costs

Please be prepared to meet the following expenses that will be incurred for the entire sonography program. These fees are approximate and may change as books or tuition fees change.

Description Approximate Cost
Registration Fee (for 4 semesters/1 summer session) 69 units x $46/unit =                                $3,174
Health Fees ($19/semester & $16 for summer) $92
Student ID cards ($2.50/semester) $8
Textbooks (approximate) $1,000
Parking for entire year $125
Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS) $45/year
Uniforms  (approximate) $300
Background Check $65
Physical (approximate) $100
Personal Liability Insurance $40
Personal Health Insurance $100-200/month
UCI Cadaver Lab Field Trip $40
Pinning Ceremony $50
Trajecsys Online Records $150
Drug Screen $75

ARDMS Test Fees

Description Approximate Cost
Physics/Instrumentation $200
Abdomen $250
OB/GYN $250

Total (estimate): $6,000
(plus personal health insurance which varies per individual)


It will be your responsibility to provide your own transportation to and from the clinical education centers. Due to the diverse geographical locations of the ultrasound clinical sites, you will not be guaranteed a clinical site close to your home or work.

Clinical Assignments

Sonography students will be assigned to a clinical facility by the Program Director. Clinical education centers will require the student to be available for any shift and possibly weekends. You will be responsible for any ID tag the facility requires.