HIT Program Inquiry Follow-up Information

Thank you for visiting the Health Information Technology  Program at Cypress College. Here are the the things you need to do to get started.

Click on the Health Science Events Calendar link to the left to find the dates for upcoming Health Information Technology Program Information Workshops. These workshops are held in the Health Science Building which is adjacent to parking lot 4. For a map, click here.

Application to Cypress College

The first step that will be necessary is to submit an application to the College. You can apply online at Cypress College. You will want to do this as soon as possible as appointment dates to register for class are based upon when you submit your application. After doing this, you will receive information via email about registration which is accomplished through our portal myGateway.  Your default login is your social security number (if you do not know your student ID number) and password is your birth date (MMDDYY).

Math & English Assessment Tests

After submitting your application, you should go to the Assessment Center on the second floor of the Student Center to take your math and English assessments.  After taking these, you will meet with a counselor to develop an education plan.  The Counselor will help you use the Cypress College Student Education Plan to map out your educational goal.

Student Education Plan

After the assessment tests, students must meet with a Counselor to develop an Education Plan in order to receive an appointment to register for classes. If you do not have an associate degree, you should begin to take your Math and English classes along with other classes to meet general education graduation requirements and the prerequisites for acceptance into the HIT Program. After you have completed your general education coursework, you may enroll in those HIT Program courses for which you have met the prerequisite that are offered at suitable times.  It is advisable to follow the suggested sequence of courses on the Health Information Technology Program Information Sheet.   Course with a HI prefix must be taken at a CAHIIM accredited institution.  All other courses may be taken at a College closer to where you live.

Application to HIT Program

In addition to the Cypress College application form, a separate application is required for admission into the Health Information Technology Program. Applications must be completed online. Please see the Health Science Application link on the Health Information Technology home page. Qualified students are selected each spring and fall semester. Applicants may exceed the available seat space. Prioritization of qualified applicants will determine acceptance. Applicants are responsible for submitting all documents (records, forms and transcripts) indicating minimum standards and prerequisites have been met to the Health Science Counseling Office.  Please refer to the HIT Program Information Sheet to read the details about the Application Process.

Schedule of Classes

Schedule information when available can be downloaded by clicking on Schedule of Classes. Locate under “H” the section where the Health Information Technology and Health Science classes are found, or click on Cypress College Online Searchable Schedule and under Department on the drop down list locate Health Information Technology, then click on Search. Once you review the schedule, you will see that classes are offered online; during the day; in the evening; and on Saturday.

Health Science Counselors

Counselors are available on the second floor of the Health Science Building (TE 3) during the regular school year (August to May) to assist in identifying with which classes you should start or in evaluating previous college courses taken. Call (714) 484-7015 to make an appointment with a Health Science Counselor.

Summer Counseling Schedules

During the summer, Counselors are in the General Counseling Center on the second floor of the Student Center. Schedule an appointment to meet with one of the Health Science Counselors –Denise Vo, Kelly Carter and Doreen Villasenor.  The HS Counselors see students without appointment on Mondays during the regular semester.