Psychiatric Technology

A Psychiatric Technician is a licensed member of the professional health services team who works with individuals who are mentally ill and/or developmentally disabled. Psychiatric Technicians find jobs training developmentally disabled individuals in the community or at developmental centers, and caring for mentally ill people in the prison health system or private and state mental hospitals. The program prepares the student to meet the requirements for Psychiatric Technician licensure examination. See the Psychiatric Technician program licensure examination pass rates here.

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Program Information

Please read the Psychiatric Technician Program (PDF) Information Sheet to get detailed information about the application process for admission to the Psychiatric Technician Program. Carefully read the:

  • Program Objectives
  • Who Becomes a Psychiatric Technician?
  • Minimum Standards for Applicants
  • Application Procedures
  • Selection Criteria
  • Associate in Science Degree Psychiatric Technician
  • Psychiatric Technician Certificate Curriculum
  • Where Are Psychiatric Technicians Employed?
  • What is the Typical Salary Range for Psychiatric Technicians?


Tech Ed III, Room 200

Contact Information

T: (714) 484-7283


Jane Boyce
Joseph Franks
Christina Johannsen
Jaime Ramos
Noemi Rios


Emmanuel Amuchie
Anthony Brown
Dragana Flip
Jomini Ison