English as a Second Language

You are at the right college! You are in the right ESL Program!

For the 2013 & 2016 Califonia Community Colleges Student Success Scorecards, the Cypress College ESL Program was ranked #2 of the 113 community colleges in California for successful completion from ESL to English 100!  Our ranking for the 2012 & 2016 Scorecards was also equally strong, and our Five-Year report demonstrates that our program has a solid history of successfully preparing non-native students for English 100.  So, if you are hoping to build your English skills, Cypress College ESL is the place for you!

As a part of the Language Arts Division, the Cypress College ESL Department offers the sequence of credit courses which prepares non-native English speakers for success in their college courses across the campus. The core courses are academically rigorous and academically-oriented in order to prepare students for English 100, certificate programs, and other academic goals.

Five of the seven core courses are degree-applicable with either UC/CSU or CSU transferability, and because they are integrated, multi-skill courses, they are inherently accelerated over traditional ESL sequences which require students to take separate reading, writing, and/or grammar courses.

Our experienced faculty come from a wide variety of backgrounds and understand what it takes to prepare students for college-level competence in a language that may be their second, third, or even fourth!



Jill Bauer
Dr. Hong Chi, Professor Emeritus
Jenelle Herman
Kathy Llanos, Professor Emeritus
Debra McPherson
Alison Robertson, Dept. Coordinator
Samantha Simmons
Kathy Wada
Jane Wood, Professor Emeritus


Tonya Cobb
Gizelle Ponzillo
Scott Robertson
Rita Su Hu
Lynn Walker
Catherine Whitsett

English as a Second Language Department

Location: Humanities, Room 208L
T: (714) 484-7000 ext. 48671