Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Creative Writing is a lively class, where students enjoy creating poems, stories, screenplays and stage plays. We read a lot, talk a lot, write a lot.

Faculty Poetry Readings

The Faculty Poetry Readings feature a few faculty members reading poetry, their own or favorites from other poets. Often we choose a theme. Then we have an Open Mic and invite members of the audience, mostly students, but often faculty and staff, to read. We have these on a monthly basis, and they have been great fun, promoting the great art of poetry.


GENDERSMASH!® is a yearly zine published in collaboration by the Cypress College English Department, Cypress College Library, and Cypress College’s Club L.E.A.D. (Ladies Empowered and Determined). The core mission of the magazine is a dedication to bringing to light matters concerning feminism, LGBTQUIA, social justice, and racial issues.

What the editors tend to like: Creative non-fiction (narratives or experiences that are rooted in or inspired by factual events), poetry, and artwork on any number of topics that are related to the core mission of the magazine. We encourage depth of thought, complexity, ambiguity, grace, wit, irreverence, insouciance, lyricism, and candor.

What the editors tend to dislike: Anything that reeks of hateful political ideology, religious doctrine, or familiar and uninspiring arguments.

Find more information on the GENDERSMASH! website.

Sole Image

Sole Image is a yearly literary magazine edited by Cypress College students every spring. Student submissions include creative writing, artwork, and photography.

For submission information, please contact Professor Lawrence Keel or Professor Stuart Rosenberg.

Sole Image Magazine is sponsored by the Cypress College Language Arts Department and the Creative Guild Club.