Foreign Language

Open doors to new ideas, new experiences, and new opportunities: learn a language.

There are many life long advantages in being bilingual. Learning a foreign language will open a door to new ideas, new experiences, and new opportunities both in the workplace and in social life; and it will prepare students for success in the new global economy.

The Foreign Language Department offers courses in Chinese, Japanese, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Its dedicated faculty strives to help students acquire proficiency in foreign languages and enhance their understanding of other cultures and peoples.



Hong Chi
Alex Herrera, Coordinator
Fernando Oliveira
Jessica Puma
Mariye Takahashi


Michihiro Ama
Marie Anglin
Valeria Barragan
Isabelle Gervais De Rouville
Natsuyo Higuchi
Francisca Mejia
Adrienne Merio
Kumiko Noriega
Emi Okubo
Fatima Pazargadi
Elizabeth Trapp
Silvia Zamora
Julie Zweig

Foreign Language Department

Location: Humanities, Room 222K
T: (714) 484-7000 ext. 48417