English Success Center — FAQ

Where is the English Success Center located?

  • We are on the first floor of the Library and Learning Resource Center. Go left when you enter the building. We are in the left corner, Room 126.

What services do you offer?

  • We offer Directed Learning Activities, workshops, drop-in writing tutoring, and a computer lab for English and ESL students.

What is a Directed Learning Activity (DLA)?

  • A DLA is a worksheet that offers practice for students in a variety of different topics in reading, writing, and study skills. Students work on DLAs independently for approximately 40-60 minutes; following this, a tutor will review the DLA with the student to make sure the concepts are understood. The tutor will then sign off any DLA verification forms the student has, and the student must complete a brief online survey. Students should make sure to leave themselves at least an hour to complete their DLA. Incomplete DLAs must be left in the ESC. Students may come back to work on them at a later time.

What are workshops?

  • Workshops are small group instructional sessions led by professors. They cover topics in grammar, reading, writing, and study skills for Cypress College English and ESL students. Workshops are attended by 5-8 students and are 50 minutes in length. After the workshop, the workshop instructor will sign off any workshop verification forms the student has, and the student will also need to fill out a mandatory workshop survey. Please check into the English Success Center 5-10 minutes prior to the workshop start time. Sign up for workshops in advance inside the English Success Center or call (714) 484-7000 ext. 4809.

Where do workshops take place?

  • English Success Center workshops take place in L/LRC rooms 110 and 116.  They are located on the other side of the L/LRC front desk.

How many DLAs and workshops can I do in a day?

  • We recommend students work on one DLA per day, but it depends on what the professor has explicitly stated regarding class credit. Check with your instructor for their specific course policies. All instructors recommend spreading the activities throughout the semester.

Do you do one-on-one tutoring in the English Success Center?

  • In the ESC, individual drop-in writing tutoring is offered on a first come, first served basis. Each drop-in tutoring session is limited to 10 minutes, and a student can have up to two sessions per day. The goal of these sessions is to focus on a specific element of a paper. Entire assignments will not be reviewed.
  • Appointment-based one-on-one tutoring takes place in the L/LRC building in private offices. If you would like to make an appointment with a one-on-one tutor, please stop by the L/LRC front desk or call (714) 484-7183 or (714) 484-7193.
  • Please note that for both drop-in and appointment-based tutoring sessions, tutors will not edit papers.

What should I bring to the English Success Center?

  • Please bring your Cypress College ID and your verification form for your class.