Mathematics Learning Center — FAQ

Where is the MLC?

  • The MLC (Math Learning Center) is inside the Library, first floor, on the left-hand side.

What is an eDLA?

  • An eDLA is an interactive video lesson that students access through a Canvas shell.
  • Upon entering the MLC students are given an orientation and asked to sign up for Math N01 Supervised Tutoring. This is a free, non-credit course. After registering for Math N01 students will obtain access to the Canvas shell where all of the eDLAs are hosted.
  • Students can do the eDLAs anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • Many instructors will provide a list at the beginning of the semester of the eDLAs that are required for their course.
  • Students may also do supplemental eDLAs for enrichment.

What is Group Tutoring?

  • Group Tutoring is provided for students in Math 115, 120, 130 and 141.
  • Group Tutoring is located next door to the MLC.
  • The schedule for Group Tutoring is on the MLC web page. It is also available in the MLC.
  • Tutoring for each topic is provided in 2 hour blocks, rotating times throughout the week.
  • Students may come and go. They do not have to stay for the whole 2 hours.
  • Students may come and listen to other students ask questions. They are not required to ask questions themselves.

What is the difference between Workshops and DLAs?

  • A Workshop is a scheduled class. Seats are limited to the workshops, which is why you must sign up for these ahead of time in the MLC. In a workshop, an instructor will guide you through examples and group work on a particular subject from your course.

What can I do in the MLC?

  • Here you can sign up for workshops and complete DLAs.
  • Drop-in tutoring is available without an appointment for all Math courses.
  • Group Tutoring is provided for MATH 115, 120, 130, and 141.
  • Books and calculators are available for check out to use in the MLC with a student ID.
  • Computers are available for online homework use.
  • Faculty and student tutors are here to help.

How can I get one-on-one tutoring?

  • One-on-one tutoring is available for free to each student, and are held in rooms L/LRC 114 and 115. To make appointments you can go to the L/LRC front desk or call (714) 484-7183 or (714) 484-7193.