How Do I Find Pro and Con Resources?

Do you need to argue one or both sides of an issue? Do you need some research that backs up your argument? Do you need to debate an issue you know nothing about?

It sounds like you need to locate pro and con resources. There are several resources in the library to help you with your search.

The Current Controversies titles right behind the Reference Desk contains a lot of books about hot topics, controversial topics, and/or pro and con information. You should consult Opposing Viewpoints, Taking Sides, Information Plus, and CQ Researcher. (Please consult a Reference Librarian if you have trouble finding these titles.)

Each volume/issue from these series is entitled with a main concept such as “Eating Disorders”. If you turn to the table of contents in the front of each volume or the index at the back of each volume, you can browse for possible research topics. For example: “Should anorexics be allowed to refuse treatment?” One copy of these resources is always kept in reference and cannot be checked out; however, the library makes every effort to buy a second copy that can be checked out of the circulating collection.

Electronic versions of Opposing Viewpoints and the CQ Researcher are available through the library web site if you prefer. Off-campus access will require your student ID number and your last name. For further assistance or explanation, please see a reference librarian.