Explore what it means to be human.

In our Anthropology courses you will study the physical, genetic, cultural, social and linguistic diversity of all humanity in the past and the present, at home, and around the world.

The Cypress College Anthropology Department offers a diversity of courses from the four traditional subfields of anthropology (physical/biological, cultural, archaeology and linguistics) and both an AA degree and an AA-T degree in Anthropology. We encourage you to check out our program and offerings in the current college catalog and class schedule.



Becky Floyd
Craig Goralski
Jaclyn Magginetti


Maureen Salsitz
Katie Zeoli
Rob Clifford
Lisa Little
Dia Flores Vechayiem
Giovanni Magginetti
Billy Wong

Anthropology Department

Location: Humanities, Room 222D
T: (714) 484-7021