Welcome to the department of Economics at Cypress College. We provide an intellectual home to a set of dedicated and talented faculty, motivated and extremely capable staff, and a diverse group of enthusiastic students. Economics department provides the students with high quality of teaching at the introductory level.

Department of Economics is a part of the Social Science Division of Cypress College. Our department offers Associate of Arts Degree.

Study economics to find out what individuals, institutions, economic systems do or should do, as they deal with the problem of limited resources and virtually unlimited wants. Economics provide a logical and ordered way of looking at a wide variety of issues. An understanding of economic concepts can provide both personal and social benefits.

The principles of economics are finding, growing applicability in a number of fields and our goal is to train students to think analytically about social issues. We provide a foundation to not only further study and career in economics but also careers in other relates fields, such as the business, finance, public services, health, crime, law, social institutions, science and many more.

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Mary (Fola) Odebunmi
Parwinder Sidhu


Economics DepartmentLocation: Humanities, Room 238
T: (714) 484-7185

Michael Gale
Sung (Paul) Park