Associate in Arts Degree: Ethnic Studies

The Associate in Arts Degree in Ethnic Studies is designed to provide students with a comparative, multi-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary understanding of the experiences of African Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Chicanos/Latinos, and Native Americans.  Students study the histories, cultures, literatures, and politics of communities of color in the United States so that they can critically analyze issues pertaining to race, ethnicity, class, and gender while developing an appreciation for the cultural diversity of American society.

Required Courses (15 units):

ETHS 101 C American Ethnic Studies 3 units
or ETHS 101HC Honors American Ethnic Studies (3 units)
ETHS 129 C Introduction to African-American Studies 3 units
ETHS 150 C Introduction to Chicana/o Studies 3 units
ETHS 160 C Native American History 3 units
ETHS 170 C Introduction to Asian Pacific American Studies 3 units
Three (3) units from the following elective courses:
ANTH 121 C Native North America 3 units
ANTH 225 C Cultures of Mesoamerica 3 units
ART 216 C Latin American Art 3 units
ENGL 208 C Asian American Literature 3 units
ENGL 247 C Multicultural Literature 3 units
ENGL 255 C African-American Literature I 3 units
ENGL 256 C African-American Literature II 3 units
ETHS 130 C African-American History I 3 units
ETHS 131 C African-American History II 3 units
ETHS 151 C Chicana/o History I 3 units
ETHS 152 C Chicana/o History II 3 units
ETHS 153 C Chicana/o Contemporary Issues 3 units
ETHS 171 C Asian Pacific American History 3 units
ETHS 235 C American Social Justice Movements 3 units
HIST 135 C History of Africa 3 units
HIST 142 C History of Latin America I 3 units
HIST 143 C History of Latin America II 3 units
HIST 160 C Asian Civilizations I 3 units
HIST 161 C Asian Civilizations II 3 units
HIST 163 C History of Mexico 3 units
HIST 275 C History of California 3 units
POSC 209 C Urban Politics 3 units
PSY 131 C Cross-Cultural Psychology 3 units
THEA 107 C Diversity in American Theater 3 units
or THEA 107HC Honors Diversity in American Theater

(3 units)

Total units required for the major: 18 units