Associate in Arts Degree: Human Services

The Human Services Program for the Associate in Arts Degree prepares students for a variety of careers in public and private social service agencies.  Coursework includes completion of 24 units, plus 12 elective units in one or more specialty areas of Addiction Studies, Conflict Resolution, Criminal Justice, Family Studies, Gerontology, Human Services Generalist, and Victimology. To earn  an Associate Degree students must complete:

(1) all major course requirements with a minimum grade of C
(2) 25 units of General Education Graduation Requirements; (see catalog or counselor for list of required GE classes);
(3) any elective courses to complete a minimum of 60 units; and,
(4) with an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0.  At least 50% of all major coursework must be completed at Cypress College.  Refer to 2008-2009 Catalog for more information.

Required Core Classes (24 Units) are listed in suggested sequence:

Course Number Title Units
HUSR 200 C Introduction to Human Services 3
HUSR 210 C Introductory Fieldwork 3
HUSR 211 C Advanced Fieldwork 3
HUSR 222 C Group Leadership and Group Process 3
HUSR 224 C Self-Esteem Strategies 3
HUSR 240 C Drugs and Alcohol in our Society 3
HUSR 241 C Intervention Treatment and Recovery 3
HUSR 275 C Ethical Issues in Human Services 3
COMM 120 C Interculural Communication 3
PSY 139 C Developmental Psychology 3

Select a minimum of 12 units from the elective courses listed below:

Course Number Title Units
HUSR 215 C Introduction to Family Studies 3
HUSR 221C Crisis Intervention and Referral 3
HUSR 223 C Helping Skills in Human Services 3
HUSR 225 C Families and Substance Abuse 3
HUSR 226 C Behavior Modification Techniques 3
HUSR 242 C Drugs and Physiology 3
HUSR 243 C Co-Occurring Disorders 3
HUSR/SOC 250 C Sociology of Aging 3
HUSR/PSY 255 C Psychology of Aging 3
HUSR 270 C Introduction to Victimology 3
HUSR 271 C Society and Victimization 3
HUSR 291 C Counseling in Criminal Justice 3
HUSR/SOC 292 C Introduction to Criminology 3
HUSR 294 C Careers in Criminal Justice 3
HUSR 293 C Conflict Resolution/Mediation 3
ETHS 101 C American Ethnic Studies 3
ETHS 101H C Honors American Ethnic Studies 3
PSY 131 C Cross-Cultural Psychology 3
SOC 237 C Cross-Cultural Relationships 3
SOC 292 C Introduction to Criminology 3

61 Total units required =
36 units major coursework and
25 units General Education