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Honors Program Student Handbook

To see a copy of the Honors Program Student Handbook, which contains the information and policies of the program, please visit the Honors Program office.

Honors Curriculum

The following is a list of approved Honors courses. Since all the courses are not offered each semester and all sections offered are not Honors sections,
students in the Honors Program must be sure that they enroll in sections that have an H designation in the schedule of classes. These sections are designated for students in the Honors Program.

Honors Courses

ANTH 101HC Honors Biological Anthropology
ANTH 102HC Honors Cultural Anthropology
ART 112HC Honors Survey of Art History II
ASTR 116HC Honors Introduction to
ASTR 117HC Honors Introduction to Astronomy Lab
BIOL 101HC Honors General Biology
COMM 100HC Honors Human Communication
COMM 220HC Honors Rhetoric of the City
COUN 135HC Honors Leadership
COUN 160HC Honors College/University Transition
ECON 100HC Honors Principles of Economics
ECON 105HC Honors Principles of Economics
ENGL 100HC Honors College Writing
ENGL 102HC Honors Introduction to Literature
ENGL 104HC Honors Critical Analysis & Literature
ENGL 125HC Honors The Film
ENGL 234HC Honors Shakespeare
ETHS 100HC Honors American Ethnic Studies
GEOG 100HC Honors World Regional Geography
GEOL 100HC Honors Physical Geology
HIST 110HC Honors Western Civilizations I
HIST 111HC Honors Western Civilizations II
HIST 112HC Honors World Civilization I
HIST 113HC Honors World Civilization II
HIST 170HC Honors History of the United States
HIST 171HC Honors History of the United States
INDS 120HC Honors Seminar
MUS 118HC Honors Introduction to Opera
NURS 105HC Honors Cardio-Pulmonary Nursing
PHIL 100HC Honors Introduction to Philosophy
POSC 100HC Honors United States Government
PSY 101HC Honors General Psychology
SOC 101HC Honors Introduction to Sociology
SPAN 101HC Honors Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 102HC Honors Elementary Spanish II
THEA 107HC Honors Diversity in American Theater

Downloadable Forms

  • Honors Program Application:  Prospective students should complete the attached form and submit it to the Honors Office located in the Transfer Center on the 2nd floor of the Student Center or mail it to Honors Program, 9200 Valley View, Cypress, CA 90630.  Please include a copy of  transcripts (unofficial  transcripts are acceptable)  from schools other than Cypress or Fullerton Colleges.  Recent high school graduates should include their final high school transcript that includes their last semester grades and a copy of Advanced Placement test scores if applicable.
  • Alternate Activity Request:  Honors Program students are responsible for documenting their attendance at extracurricular enrichment activities. This is done by signing in at two or more Honors Program seminars or activities. Alternate extracurricular enrichment activities may be used to meet this requirement if approved in advance by the Honors Program Director. Students wishing to use an alternative activity should complete the above  Alternative Activity Request Form and submit it to the  Honors Program Office prior to engaging in the activity.
  • Intent to Complete the Honors Program:  Students must submit the above Intent to Complete the Honors Program form to the Honors Program Office in your last semester at Cypress College.
  • Request to Bank a Course: Honors Program students are required to enroll in at least one Honors course each semester. Students may be eligible to “bank” an Honors course for membership credit in a semester in which they do not enroll in an Honors course. To be eligible, students must be a member in good standing and have taken more Honors courses while a member than their number of semesters as a member. Requests must be submitted to the Honors Program office by completing the above Request to Bank an Honors Course form.
  • Service Learning Log: Honors Program students are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of documented service each semester.  Complete the form and submit it to the Honors Program Office each semester.
  • Service Learning Center Agency Directory

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