MUS 117: American Popular Music

Course Description

This course is a historical and musical study of American popular music from its origin to the present. The primary focus will be on musical styles with secondary emphasis on sociological, political, and economic conditions which influenced the music of America.

American Popular Music has had a significant influence on global culture and a profound effect on music throughout the world.

Textbook and Supplies

  • Popular Music in America: The Beat Goes On (4th ed.), Michael Campbell Schirmer Cengage Learning ISBN-13: 9780840029768 | ISBN-10: 0840029764
  • Internet Access
  • You can order books online from the Cypress College Bookstore.

Optional Supplementary Content

Coursemate is an integrated, web-based solution that includes an interactive eTextbook, multimedia resources, flashcards and quizzes, and more.

Concert Report

Students are required to attend one concert of American popular music and write an analytical review of the performance. The report should include: date, venue, artist, instrumentation, genre, musical aspects, lyrical themes, and anything else that is particularly notable.


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