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About Professor Sallade

Welcome to Air Conditioning and Refrigeration!

You will find this career to be both rewarding and challenging. I have been in this industry since I was a child, my dad was an HVAC contractor, therefore, I was in the AC/R industry.

I went through the Cypress College AC/R program myself, then continued on to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for my engineering degree. I have worked in various aspects of the HVAC industry, from residential A/C up to 1000 ton chiller systems in multi-story buildings. I’ve also been involved in the supermarket refrigeration industry.

Being from Cal Poly, our program is based on the philosophy of “learn by doing”. Therefore we put the theory from lectures into practice in the laboratory. Further, our program focuses on Commercial and Industrial applications.

Recommended Course

AC/R 105 – Basic electrical for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Seventy percent of the problems with air conditioning systems are electrically related. To understand air conditioning, you have to know electrical!