Introduction to GIS

GEOG 230 C Course Description

If you have ever wondered about the art and science of map making (cartography) or the interactions of people and environments, Intro to GIS may be the class for you! Learn the theories behind and practical applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in GEOG 230 C, Intro to GIS. This course provides a broad overview of GIS applications, emphasizing the real-world skills that are in high demand in the private and public sectors.

Intro to GIS will introduce the student to the latest GIS technologies, as well as standard practicies in today’s GIS industries. Students will be taught how to retrieve and apply data in their chosen business and/or academic area of interest.

Term hours: 36 lecture and 54 laboratory. $4.00 materials fee – payable at registration. (CSU, C-ID: GEOG 155)

Course Materials

  • Required text: Getting to Know ArcGIS (4th Ed.), Law, Michael and Amy Collins, 2015.

Weekly Workload

Students will be assigned weekly labs, in addition to a semester-long GIS project of their choosing.