John Bilotta, B.A.

Media Arts Design | Fine Arts


Phone: (310) 386-4476

Office Hours:Tuesday 2:30–9 p.m., Thursday 2:30–6 p.m.

Location: FA 220

About Professor Bilotta

John Bilotta has been a adjunct instructor in the Media Arts Design department at Cypress College since 1991. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Fine & Applied Arts: Design Option, emphasize on Graphic Design, from Cal State Los Angeles.

Besides be part of the MAD faculty, John is the master print maker at Nash Editions fine art & digital print making studio. He is also a freelance web developer for various individuals and companies in the art community.

Recommended Course

MAD 102 & 103, Introduction to Web Graphics

Learn about:

  • Content Management Options
  • Image, Graphics and Video Preparation for the Web
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • HTML and CSS
  • Google Analytics


Web Development