MAD 102 & 103: Intro to Web Graphics


This is an overview of the many uses of computer multimedia, with an emphasis on electronic publishing over the Internet. In the course of the semester, the students create a personal web page enriched with such audiovisual elements as animation, sound, video, 3-D, and different types of still images. This class is intended as a gateway into the varied offerings of the Art Computer Graphics program, where the student can pursue more in-depth study on the topic(s) that most attracted them during this introductory class.


PC or MAC laptop or desktop with the latest operating system with Firefox web browser to access your Blackboard classroom. Knowledge using web browsing, word processing, sending and receiving email, and saving coursework on a computer.

Course Information

With the use of online Content Management Systems (CMS), such as Wix or WordPress and similar HTML editing software applications for web design, you will be able to utilize computing technology to technically create websites.