English 100 Online

Course Description

This course stresses the principles and practice of written communication, with an emphasis on reading and writing expository essays and on research skills.

Online Course Requirements

All students should be adept at sending and receiving e-mail, browsing the Internet, opening and saving Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat files and cutting and pasting documents. A high-speed Internet connection is recommended.

System Requirements

  • PC running Windows 98, 2000 or XP (Javascript & Cookies enabled), or a MAC running Macintosh OS 9.x or OS X. (Javascript and Cookies enabled).
  • Software: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat
  • Web Browsers: Windows—Internet Explorer 6, Macintosh—Firefox 1.0

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student t will be able to:

  • Generate and explicate original ideas on both enduring and contemporary topics
  • Support claims using logic and effective research
  • Apply critical thinking skills to both the reading and writing process
  • Use MLA documentation both parenthetically and when creating a works cited page

Tips for Online Success

Successful online students are independent, self-motivated, willing to learn in isolation, wiling to ask questions as soon as questions arise, good with written instructions, good at expressing themselves in writing and aware of technology as both a convenience and a barrier.

The most important consistent behavior that will create the best opportunity for success in this course is communication. Any concerns or questions about course expectations, assignments, tests and grades should be directed to me immediately.

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