ENGR 110 – Introduction to Engineering

Course Description

This is first level course intended to introduce students to various aspects of Engineering. The Students need to take this course during the first year. The course is a combination of lectures, guest speakers, field trips and various projects from hands on to research and group presentations. (UC and CSU transferable)

The following is a list of topics covered in class:

  • History of engineering
  • Developing Road Map to your future
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Introduction to Engineering Design Process
  • Design, basic analysis, prototyping and testing of a basic structure applying Engineering Design Process
  • Introduction to different engineering disciplines and their branches
  • Engineering disasters and forensic Engineering
  • Role of computer in modern Engineering
  • Math in Engineering
  • Statics and Probability in Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship and finance

Course Material

  • Handouts will be posted on Blackboard
  • Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering


Your performance will be assessed through:

  • Participation
  • Homework and assignments
  • Group projects
  • Two midterms and one final exam