CIS 160 Information Systems Management (Online)

This course is for students interested in managing a Computer Information Systems Center. The subject areas studied are planning, equipping, staffing, and managing a computerized business office and corporation. The student will use a computer spreadsheet and database in hands-on exercises in planning and managing an information systems office.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

If a student completes all assignments, prepares for each exam, and completes all activities:

  • (SLO1) Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to identify the planning and procedures of planning, equipping, staffing, and managing the procedures of the Information Systems department in a corporation with a minimum of 70% accuracy.
  • (SLO2) Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to create a spreadsheet and database and demonstrate how an Information Systems department uses these software applications within a corporation with a minimum of 70% accuracy.
  • (SLO3) Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to discuss current issues affecting the role of the Information Systems (IS) department as it relates to the many departments and management structure of a corporation or in today’s society with a minimum of 70% accuracy.


Management Information Systems, 6th Edition
Effy Oz
Thomson Course Technology Publishing, 2009

Class Requirements

A PC computer with Internet access and an email account; computers are also available in the CIS lab located in the Business Education Building, B202.
The student must be able to send an email with an attachment.
Microsoft Office 2010 software will be available through Citrix by Cypress College

Class Structure

(1) Each student must attend the orientation scheduled for the first day of class and submit assignments each week to be considered an active member of the class; not attending the orientation or not submitting assignments each week will result in the student being dropped from the class. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw if they are unable to complete the class. The orientation and final exam are the only required meeting times with the instructor; additional instructional assistance is available as requested.
(2) Students will save all assignments on an USB and submit the assignments as an attachment to an email submitted to the instructor or directly to the Blackboard course site. A list of assignments and due dates are posted on the course site. Assignments and exams are graded only by the instructor and grades/comments results are emailed to the student by the instructor or posted on the course site. Exams are available in the CIS Lab (B202).
(3) Questions are available at the end of each chapter and/or developed by the instructor. Students will download chapter presentations and end of chapter questions from the web site; chapter questions and presentations are part of test prepartion and are submitted to the instructor as part of the grade calculation.
(4) The course includes a selection of posted videos focusing on current Information Systems topics. Students will view and evaluate several videos and post their insight or view point on to the Discussion Board; students will also read their class members’ comments and offer their thoughts on other postings.

Semester Grade Calculation

Assignments 20% 90-100% = A grade
Group Discussions 15% 80-89% = B grade
Software Projects 25% 70-79% = C grade
Objective Question Tests 40% 60-69% = D grade
59% and below = F grade

Although this class is being taught online, students are expected to follow the Cypress College Academic Honesty Policy and are entitled to all campus services. Check with Cypress College Student Services for tutoring, financial aid, or other assistance. The Learning Resource Center (LRC) also offers a variety of services free of charge to currently enrolled students. Please feel free to email your instructor to request additional instructional assistance if needed. Your successful completion of this course is important to your instructor!