Penny (Lillian) Gabourie, B.A., M.S.

Transfer Center | Counseling and Student Development


Phone: (714) 484-7129

Office Hours: By appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Location: Transfer Center 2nd floor of the Student Center

About Counselor Gabourie

I have been a counselor here at Cypress College since 1991. During that time, I have had the opportunity to do many things and work on some very interesting special projects. Currently, I have three different assignments here at the school.

I spend most of my time as the Transfer Center Director. This is where I get to plan programs and activities to help students gather information about universities, transfer requirements and the transfer process. I also answer the tough transfer questions for students and counselors.

Secondly, I am the counselor for the Honors Program. I teach a couple of Honors courses and meet with bright, motivated students to facilitate their goal of transferring to some of our most prestigious universities.

Finally, I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and I do crisis counseling in the Health Center one day and one evening a week.

Working here at Cypress College is a most satisfying occupation because I get to watch students grow and change as they take on their lives. I also love the variety of activities that I get to engage in every week.

Recommended Courses

COUN 160HC Honors University Transition

This is an enhanced orientation to the transfer process required for Honors students. It transfers to California State Universities. This course is critical for students preparing to transfer. Taking the course early will help you save time and transfer more efficiently.

COUN 135HC Honors Leadership

This is a fabulous course for personal leadership development. It is now UC transferable. Remember that it is only offered Spring semester.

For course information, please click here.


  • University of California
    This link will take you to the UC transfer website where you will find information on TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) Programs, and other transfer information.
  • CSU Mentor
    This is the application and transfer website for the California State University. You can research careers and universities.
    This is the official articulation website for public colleges and unversities in California.  You can find the lower division major preparation  agreements
    between the community colleges and the University of California and California State University