Sociology 101 Online Course

Introduction to Sociology (online)

Sociology 101 Course Description

This course analyzes human societies and relationships through a study of cultural origins, personality development, social interaction, and social change.

Sociology 101 Course Information

This a breakdown of what is involved with my sociology 101 online course:


Students are expected to complete assigned readings and base assignments off of course material.

Discussion Board

Each week, students will answer one or two discussion questions in a thoughtful paragraph that clearly explains and supports their answers. During that same week, students must also respond to a classmate’s answer with feedback. Always explain your reasoning and be respectful of others. This also counts towards your attendance for the course. Always check the syllabus calendar for which discussion questions are due each week.


Quizzes are administered beginning week three on the material from the prior weeks. Quizzes are timed and taken in the Canvas online classroom. Quizzes are multiple choice/true and false and are based on course readings and material presented in the modules of the online classroom.


Students will compose critical essays to prompts provided and posted in the online classroom. Specific guidelines will be provided and students will have several choices of topics. Students will type papers in Microsoft Word and upload them as attachments.

Visual Sociology Project

All session long, you are to take pictures that represent any ten terms and/or concepts we have discussed in class or in the readings. You may create a PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, or PDF file to showcase your photos. You will upload it as an attachment in Canvas. You are not graded on your photography skills. You are graded on the simple fact of your image representing the term/concept you indicate. You may use your cell phone cameras for the assignment or any other camera you have.

Video Investigation

Students will view several online videos designed to apply and illustrate course terms and concepts. Videos selected reinforce connecting the everyday world to sociology.

Course Requirements

Equipment Requirement

Students must have access to a computer with reliable Internet access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and email. Students may use computers in any on-campus student lab to complete the course.

Textbook Requirement

Henslin, James M. 2012. Sociology A Down-to-Earth Approach. 3rd Custom Ed. Boston, MA: Pearson. ISBN: 978-1-256-83107-5. The text is available in the Cypress College bookstore.

Computer Skills Requirement

Students should have a basic working knowledge of computers. Students must be able to save and edit files, navigate the Internet, email, and upload attachment files.

Study Skills Requirement

As this class meets completely online, students must be able to follow a calendar and apply time management skills. Late work is not accepted, so students must complete tasks on a self-paced schedule abiding by course deadlines.

Virtual Classroom Information

How to enter the Canvas course site: