CIS 111 Computer Information Systems

Instructor Identification

Instructor: Richard McKnight
Campus Phone: (714) 484-7211
College Address: Cypress College, 9200 Valley View, Cypress, CA 90630

Email is generally the most convenient and efficient way to handle our communications. I will always attempt to return your email with 24 hours of receipt. However, there are times when a personal conversation or meeting might be the best way to communicate. The best time to speak with me is during my office hours. At other times I may be in meetings or working on my classes.  Please also take advantage of the CIS Computer Lab resources. The lab is completely staffed with certified instructors and lab technicians that can answer many of your questions in the lab.  Please see CIS Computer Lab below for location and hours.

Course Identification

Course: CIS 111 Computer Information Systems
Prerequisites: None
This course includes provides an overview of the fundamental concepts and terminology of computer information systems including lab experience with current computer applications.

General Online Requirements:

This course requires the following minimum hardware, software, and email information.

  • A computer platform: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7; MacOS 9.x or MacOS X
  • Hardware: 512 MB of RAM, 1 GB of free disk space
  • Software: Microsoft Word
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 3.5x
    Note: See Class Information link for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility Settings
  • Modem: 56 K or faster Internet connection
  • An email account
  • A username and password

Course Textbooks and Supplies

This course requires the following textbooks and supplies:
Textbook: Discovering Computers – Fundamentals 2011 Edition by Shelly
Lab Manual: Microsoft Office 2007 Lab Manual by McKnight (Fall 2010 Edition)
Software: Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 (Includes: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word)

Note: The textbook and lab manual may be purchased only at the Cypress College bookstore. Please allow one week for delivery if you order online.

The Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise software is installed in the CIS Computer Lab. You do not need to buy the software if you work in the CIS Computer Lab. If you wish to work completely at home, you will need to purchase and install the software.

CIS Computer Lab

You may use the computers in the CIS Computer Lab. The lab is fully staffed with certified instructors and lab technicians to assist you with your work. If you use the lab be sure and bring all your class materials and personal identification such as a driver’s license or school ID. The primary storage device used in the CIS Computer Lab is a USB Flash Memory Storage Device.  These requirements will be discussed at our first class meeting. All students enrolled in this class are eligible to use the computer lab for an unlimited number of hours during the term of the course. Please contact me or the CIS Lab Instructor if you have any questions.

CIS Computer Lab
Business & CIS Building – Second Floor, Room: BUS-208
Lab Hours – Please see the Class Schedule for current lab hours
Phone: (714) 484-7214 or 484-7215 (Voice Mail)

Tips for Online Success

Generally, the successful online student has the following attributes:
1) independent learner
2) self-motivated
3) willing to learn in isolation
4) willing to ask questions as soon as questions arise
5) good with written instructions
6) good at expressing him/herself in writing
7) aware of technology as a convenience and barrier
8) ability to manage time and project due dates

Many students and instructors agree that online courses are not for every student. If you have the above characteristics and a strong desire to complete this course then you will have a rewarding and valuable learning experience. Communication is an important element in completing an online course. Please stay in constant communication with me as we work together to successfully complete this class. Your questions and suggestions will make this a learning experience for both of us.

Course Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to:
1. Use Microsoft Word software to create a table, insert a picture, and format a document with 70% accuracy.
2. Use Microsoft Excel software to create formulas and format a worksheet with 70% accuracy.
3. Use Microsoft Access software to create a query, form, and report with 70% accuracy.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to understand concepts related to hardware, software, network fundamentals, security, ethics, and privacy with 70% accuracy.

Course Objectives

Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to:
1. Identify the role of computers in modern society.
2. Identify how information systems are used in business.
3. Identify the parts of the central processing unit and how they work together.
4. Identify the types and uses of input and output devices.
5. Identify the components and functions of operating systems.
6. Describe those measures to ensure the integrity of information systems.
7. Identify the trends that relate to how computers will affect society.
8. Use word processing software to create, edit, and print a document.
9. Use spreadsheet software to project solutions to common business problems.
10. Use database software to create, update, and generate reports.

Topics and Assignments and Due Dates

The instructor reserves the right to change the following topics, assignments, and due dates if necessary. Please check the course announcements weekly for any changes. Each student is expected to submit work performed by there own personal effort. Copying or using work not your own may result in failure and dismissal from this class. Do your best work! Lab assignments are due no later than the dates due. Late lab assignments may not be accepted. Please contact me for help If you have any questions or problems. Please click the Class Schedule link under the General Information button for the specific assignments and due dates.

Grading Policy

The instructor reserves the right to drop any student for lack of satisfactory progress in this course. Satisfactory progress includes: Quiz scores, Assignments, Examinations, Class Participation and Conduct. Student progress is obtained online so that each student may monitor their progress and successfully complete this course. Please check the course announcements weekly for any changes. Please click the Class Schedule link under the General Information button for the specific grading procedure and point system.

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to abide by ethical standards in preparing and presenting material which demonstrates their level of knowledge and which is used to determine grades. Such standards are founded on basic concepts of integrity and honesty. This policy can be found in the Cypress College Catalog. Each student is expected to submit work performed by there own personal effort.  Copying or using work not your own may result in failure and dismissal from this class. Do your best work!

Student Grievances

If you have any questions or concerns during this course please contact me. I am sure we can resolve any concerns which prevent you from completing this course. For more information, please refer to the Online FAQ page on distance education Web page of the Cypress College Website.

Student Services

Online students have access to all the student services as on-campus students. For more information on student services, please refer to

Academic Advising/Counseling

Online students have access to academic advising and counseling as on-campus students. The counseling web page lists all the counselors and their e-mail addresses. The web page is located under Counseling on the Cypress College website at Information about online advisement can also be found there. Please contact your counselor for any questions concerning the transfer of this class and general career advice.

Cypress College Library Learning Resources

The library web page provides access to an online catalog listing the library holdings from Cypress, Fullerton, Goldenwest, Orange Coast, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach.  You will need campus ID card to check out books from these libraries. There is also a periodical database and journals available online through the library. Students need a user ID and password to access the periodical database.  You can contact the librarian about acquiring a user ID and password for online access if needed.


If you need tutoring or special assistance please contact me or visit the CIS Computer Lab on the second floor of the Business & CIS Building. If you visit the CIS Computer Lab, please bring all of your student materials and see the lab instructor for assistance. The lab personnel will be able to spend some time with you to assist you with your problem. You may also visit me during my office hours. I would be glad to sit down with you and help you successful complete this course.