KIN 250 C Sports & United States Society

Course Description

This course examines sport in the United States society and how various ethnic and under-represented groups have influenced sport participation at the local, state, and national levels. Influences of other cultures outside of the United States will be reviewed and analyzed. Media influences on the perception of sport in society will be examined.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to identify the progression of sports over three (3) time periods with 70% accuracy.
  2. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to compare and contrast informal, player-controlled sports versus organized, adult-controlled sports with 70% accuracy.
  3. Upon completion of this course the student will successfully discuss the pros and cons of a controversial issue in sports.

Instructional Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify historical influences on United States sport programs
  2. Describe under-represented and ethnic contributions to sport in the United States
  3. Analyze social class and social mobility in relation to sport
  4. Identify the various social values as they relate to sport
  5. Describe the influence of “power” in U.S. sports
  6. Examine issues of gender and gender equity in sport
  7. Outline and discuss contemporary trends and the future of sport in the United States

Course Content and Scope

A.  Historical influences on United States sports

  1. European infusions into U.S. sports
  2. Olympic movements and their influences
  3. Early American beginnings
  4. Modern day movements
    1. High school sports
    2. Club sports
    3. Recreational sports programs
    4. College athletic programs
    5. Professional teams
  5. Trends and influences
    1. Violence in society
    2. Economic trends and effects
  6. Conflicts and resolution
    1. Traditional views and values
    2. Oppressed perspectives

B.  Under-represented and ethnic contributions to United States sport

  1. Afro-American contributions
  2. Women’s movement, Civil Rights, Titles IX – 1972, (Restoration Act of 1988)
  3. Physically disabled (PL 94-142)
  4. Other ethnic groups

C.  Influences of communication and media on United States sports programs

  1. Television broadcasting
  2. Radio programs
  3. Newspapers
  4. Magazines
  5. Internet

D.  Development of values, goals and appropriate behavioral standards in sports/recreation

  1. Philosophical issues
  2. Social and cultural influences
  3. Understanding differences
  4. Establishing goals

Course Requirements

Students must have the following items for this course:

  1. PC running Windows 98, 2000, xP, or Vista
  2. Mac running MacIntosh OS.9x or OX x
  3. at least 512 MB RAM
  4. Internet connection via modem of 56k bps or faster
  5. supported web browsers: Windows-Firefox or Internet Explorer 7; Macintosh-Firefox 1.0x
  6. word processing program
  7. an e-mail account
  8. a username and password, which will be provided by the instructor
  9. basic computer operating skills, including how to navigate the Web, use the Microsoft Word program, and send and receive e-mail

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