HUSR 294 Term Paper Assignment

HUSR 294 Careers in Criminal Justice

Please address the following questions using A.P.A. format within 3-5 typewritten pages.

  1. What is your career vocation?
  2. Why did you choose this vocation?
  3. What are the basic requirements for employment?
  4. What population will you serve? Be specific!
  5. How is this vocation designed to improve or better society?
  6. What special training or characteristics are needed to be effective in this position? Why are they needed? Be specific as to what benefit or contribution these skills provide.
  7. What are the current salary benefits, or expected salary benefits for this vocation?
  8. What are the current challenges or needed improvements required in this vacation, i.e. technology, training, funding, public awareness or support, etc?
  9. What is the future trends facing this vocation based on the current or projected demands within society for the 21st. century?