Study Guide 275

Soc 275 Study Guide
15, 16 & 17

Chapter 15

  • What is interparent conflict?
  • What is the effect of parental conflict on children in the home?
  • What are the main sources of conflict in the home?
  • What are situational and environmental sources of conflict?
  • Know the benefits or problems associated with avoidance, ventilation and catharsis.
  • Know the elements of a constructive vs. destructive arguments.
  • What are the effects on the family of marital infidelity?
  • What is the rate of approval in America?
  • Know the elements of spouse, child, and elder abuse.

Chapter 16

  • What is the divorce rate in America?
  • Has the age of first marriage increased or decreased?
  • Who is more likely to remarry based on initiator vs. non-initiator age, race, sex or gender?
  • What are the effects of divorce on children (positive and negative)?
  • What are some of the stressors in a marriage which lead to the decision to divorce?
  • What are the benefits, if any, for a trial separation?
  • What is no fault divorce?
  • Know the elements of the following custody arrangements: sole legal, joint legal.
  • What is alimony?

Chapter 17

  • What is a binuclear family?
  • What are the factors which lead the success or failures in remarriage?
  • How does the” emotional stage” of divorce effect the potential new spouse or significant other?
  • What are the effects of: finances, relationship with ex-spouses, and children on the remarriage?
  • Are step-parents “legally exempt” from parental duties?
  • Who are the members in a parenting coalition?
  • What is the benefit of co-parenting?
  • What is sibling rivalry? Is it mandatory in all families?


No fault divorce
Step parenting