PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy

Course Description

This course introduces the student to a variety of philosophical issues in metaphysics, theory of knowledge, and ethics, as well as the methodology used by philosophers to address those issues. The origins of Western philosophy as well as its impact on Western civilization will be emphasized. The course systematically explores and evaluates the concepts of reality, value, knowledge, reason, truth, language, definition, beauty, justice, human nature, personal identity, religion, meaning, and freedom. Analysis and Synthesis will be stressed for these and other topics of interest to students and/or instructor.


None; however, good reading and writing skills are essential. Eligibility for English 100 is advised. Familiarity with Computer operating systems, such as Windows, is needed to a degree.

Reading Materials

  1. Ultimate Questions 2nd ed. 2007 by Rauhut. ISBN: 0321412982 or 9780321412980
  2. Introduction to Philosophy (Western Civilization: The Western World) compiled by Will Heusser. ISBN: 9780558283674
  3. You must rent the film: The Matrix (the first one). I will also place two VHS copies on two-day reserve in the L/LRC (Library and Learning Resource Center).

Recommended Items

  1. “The Examined Life”: four-DVD series ISBN: 1-5837-004-8 or 9781583700044 by Intelecom
  2. Several internet articles (listed below in “Schedule of Readings”). Searle’s is required.
  3. Study Guides (noted as “SG”) provided at no charge.