Schedule of Classes and College Catalog

The Schedule of Classes provides a complete listing of all courses offered during any individual term. Cypress College currently offers instruction in the fall (August-December), spring (January-May), and summer (June-August) terms. The College Catalog provides comprehensive information about programs, courses, services, student rights, and organizational structure of the college. On this page, you’ll find the:

  • Searchable class schedule — Select search criteria to find courses; results include valuable information (such as available seats and waitlist info) about the individual courses
  • Open Class List — All Cypress College courses that haven’t yet begun and still have space available
  • “Find Classes” — Tips on finding classes, a guide to the searchable schedule, FAQ, and definitions

Spring 2020 Schedule of Classes

View the schedule as a PDF (please note that updates have been made to course listings subsequent to the publication of this document). The searchable class schedule is the definitive source for up-to-date, accurate listings.


Fall 2019 Schedule of Classes

Fall 2019 Schedule of Classes (PDF 6.19 MB)


2019-2020 College Catalog

NEW: 2019-2020 Catalog

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The online versions of the Cypress College Catalog and the Schedule of Classes have been certified (via an Adobe Acrobat signature) to be an exact digital duplicate of the version offered in print (unless otherwise amended and noted within the documents). Counselors can use this certification as an indication that this electronic copy is a valid replica of the official printed version. A message confirming the certification should display when the file is opened, as long as the document hasn’t been modified.