Brianna Adams

I am so grateful that I chose to complete the Hotel, Restaurant, and Culinary program at Cypress College. As soon as I joined the HRC program, I quickly found a job in the field, with the help of Professor Lisa Clark. Now, I have been at the same workplace for two years and plan to continue to grow with the company.

Dante Jaramillo

Throughout my years at Cypress College, all of the counselors and staff have always been supportive and encouraging. Without the campus support, I probably could not have maintained my determination to stay in school consistently for all the years.

Juan Santos

I am the most proud of finishing the HVAC program in two years. I was working full time and going to school full time. I pushed myself to finish the program. Now, I am working in the field, and seeing the rewards of hard work feels satisfying.

Mary Eng

The reputation of Cypress College and the quality of the training I received in the Radiologic Technology program has enabled me to be in my current job.

Phuoc Vo

I chose Cypress College because of the good student-to-faculty ratio and small classroom settings. In these classroom sizes, you are treated like a student and not just another number. I was able to build a great student-faculty relationship, which is very difficult to do in larger institutions like the UCs and CSUs. Cypress College was also an affordable option that fit my budget perfectly.